Eagle Studio                        Sky Guard Indonesia                    Suroboyo Simulation

Eagle Studio is the studio creations by Fida Perkasa since 2013 a serve of graphic design, photography, and videography. EagleStudio formed at that time due to tingginnya the needs of graphic design at College with a casual design and according customer requirements. In addition, due to the needs of photographers who really know the “battlefields” for event coverage of the campus.


Sky Guard Indonesia is the only one of the IVAO Official Special Operations Group in Indonesia. This group was created in 2015 by the former of IVAO ID Staff in Special Operations as a virtual military group that simulate Military & Unusual Operations in Indonesia. This group also will not allow the simulation of any form of aggression or war. Also Fida Perasa quite attached with this group in the virtual world.


Suroboyo Simulation is the Scenery Developer in Indonesia. SuroboyoSim started out in 2016 as a developer of the addons sceneries of Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. We build our scenery using 3D software design and improving realistic building and textures. In addition, we continue to develop products for the home consumer market and company. Also SuroboyoSim is owned by Fida Perkasa.